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SS — 16


At Brooke’s Closet, we dare to defy the status quo of children’s fashion.  We believe that every child has the right to diversity, accessibility and expression of self at all times, especially with the clothes they wear. Whether they are adventurers or superheroes, our designs take kids on a journey, exploring different colors and patterns. We empower children to have a youthful and playful lifestyle, and encourage individuality through options that suits their style, regardless of gender.       

            We are a contemporary children’s label, keeping them in mind with everything that we do. We kick off our adventure with swimwear, aiming to contribute to a world where kids of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities can have access to our product. All kids deserve to feel confident and stylish, whether they’re at the beach, the pool or playing in their backyard; we’re here to ensure that.


White Studio Top

Sonia Skirt


Lounge Tunic

Black Sandals


Lounge Jumpsuit

Copper Ring